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At Linclogy, we understand the relevance of press release distribution for your brand. As large PR channels distribute your brand’s message to your target audience via press releases, there is a high probability of gaining the public eye. Our creative bunch of writers leave no stone unturned in keeping the PRs crisp and engaging.

Our reliable PR distribution services assure you a minimum of 250 live placements on high-traffic news outlets. We have adopted a process where our team manually submits press releases and tracks their development. You can rest assured that our posts will gain media attention and will reward your website with a set of natural backlinks at the same time.

PR for Agencies!

If you are an agency looking for PR distribution for your clients, we can help you with that. We will replicate our distribution process for each of your clients and find the best PR placements for them. In addition, you will have complete access to every single publication of your clients and know where they have ultimately ended up on the web.

While we are entirely open to reporting the results of PR distribution under our brand, our white label services offer you an option to download a report as a white-label PDF from your dashboard and send it to your clients under your agency’s name. We are completely fine with that!

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Businesses or individual website owners looking to create an announcement about a new product or services can reach our PR distribution services. In this process, we will write a press release and share it with the journalists and media agencies. The land media coverage offers great brand exposure and creates several backlines for the websites.
We generally believe in keeping things natural for the press release and distribution services. This way we allow only a URL link at the end of the publication with all contact details.
Press release distribution gets better indexing of your websites in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It can drastically help to boost your rankings for specific keywords. So, include keywords and URLs relevant to your websites.
We suggest you review and edit your press release once again before finally submitting the content to us. Once we publish a press release we can remove it from the partner website, but then it will attract some extra charges. Though, we have no control over other sites that pick the same PR from the website.
The easiest way to add text links is to choose an anchor text by highlighting the keywords you wish to link with the body content. You will be asked to provide the URL link and some type of title. The type of words you choose for text links plays an important role in the context of SEO.
You can hire our professional press release writing services because we have experienced writers who craft well-documented press release writing for you. They have adequate skills in writing press releases that are geared towards various verticals and niches.
PR release services are effective marketing tools that help to get attention for your website, products, or services launched. The PR tools are affordable and get you instant result through:
  • Publicity
  • Awareness
  • Getting prospects to your business
  • The minimum word count that works best for a press release is within the bracket of 300-400 words. What keeps us apart from other PR distribution services is that they offer an upper word limit of up to 1000 words. Something beyond this requires an additional charge.
    The web-based PR mainly leverages the online platforms that include search engine rankings and social media to connect with customers through multimedia news releases. The traditional news distribution services only focus on text-based content that releases only on the mainstream media outlets
    We write creative, original, and quality press release content for our clients that won’t add much to your pockets. You can check out our website’s link to get information regarding the same.